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Come check me out…


Come check me out…

I believe that
your soul

my soul


old friends.

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get into the habit of not assuming a person’s gender

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Outside Lawton, IA on Sept. 12, 2014


Outside Lawton, IA on Sept. 12, 2014


Sunday June 8th at 1:30pm on KPFK 90.7fm Los Angeles. 

Discussion on anarchism as a political philosophy that can be  practiced in various ways, the assumptions created by the State, and the anti-state and anti-capitalist roots, as well as autonomous communities. 

Listen live @1:30pm: 
Visit our soundcloud for the full hour show and to hear past discussions:

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"Over time: greed, consumerism, and exploitation became celebration: fireworks, patriotism, and fear of losing what can’t be controlled. Somewhere on some prerecorded news, politicians create laws where they call us “illegal” and “terrorists” for defending the land of our ancestors, so the good white Christian family can continue eating a “good” meal and pray to a white man for “guidance.” The cops patrol to protect them from us. There is no mention of the wars in our neighborhoods, mass incarcerations, and a child mourning the murder of her father by the state, bombs falling on Palestine and gunshots killing Mapuche youth. We are still seen as the savages. Where is our celebration in this fuckin’ occupation?" 

Degenerate Hues: Guilty Subconscious…/on-the-uncertainty…/"There are many things that I am unsure of, several of which I would never admit. But I am most unsure of the fate of revolution, insurrection and whatever other romanticized rebellions we cling to. At times, I feel as though I am surrounded by idiots – all of them wearing and doing anything they can to fight in a class war that for them, lasts only as long as they can triumph in the streets. Other times, most of the time, I feel quite isolated within the struggle. I have learned this past year that camaraderie is just a symptom, and being that, inevitably vanishes. This leads me to wonder if communism failed on this premise alone. As for Anarchism, our politics stumble around our values and our values are only held with conviction until our own salacious appetites seem more desirable. Although I have not lost hope in Anarchism, for the Anarchism I believe in is based on the foundation of hope itself, I have lost respect for those who sell it. Lately, it appears that our beliefs have been commodified, even without intentionally becoming inherently capitalist, Anarchism is being sold and its label could not be more incorrect." 

on the uncertainty of insurrection and the future of anarchism …


Police Repression of Indigenous Protest Against Brasil’s World Cup

“It is our belief and our practice that in order to rebel and struggle, we need neither leaders, nor caudillos, nor messiahs, nor saviors. To struggle, we only need a little bit of disgrace, a good amount of dignity and a lot of organization. The rest is either useful for the collective or it isn’t,” 

Farewell Marcos, long live Subcomandante Galeano!

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